Training Tips

Stick Handling

Top hand strength is one of the keys to improving your stick handling.  Try placing a toilet paper roll or a six inch piece of 1.5 inch PVC over the top of your stick and place your bottom hand on it while you practice stick handling.  Take a look at this video in which both the paper roll and PVC are used.  We have tried it and yes your upper hand and shoulder will get fatigued and will be strengthened. An additional benefit of this drill is that your poke check on defense is stronger.  Try it and let us know what you think. 04/20/17


Dangle Time is an app that you can purchase for .99 cents for your smart phone. It has a series of warm up stick handling drills and then after several sessions it unlocks dangles. The videos are okay, but what is great about the app is that you can follow along while you are stick handling with a hockey ball say on a carpeted surface in your home. I guarantee you that a week of practice will give you an amazing stick handling touch. Try it and let us know your thoughts. 04/13/17


Skate Sharpening

Take a look at this article from U.S. Hockey that discusses skate sharpening in depth including the flat bottom or v-edge sharpening technique.  11/17/17