Equipment from Lifetime Hockey

Lifetime hockey has equipment to make your hockey life easier. Click here for information about our water bottles and portable hockey equipment drying trees.

Ice Hockey Rink Diagram

Download and print this diagram.  You can then draw plays and player positioning for your team.

Official Score sheet

If you are the scorekeeper for a game you can use this generic scoring sheet.

Score sheet

Equipment Checklist

Download this checklist, print it out and post it by your hockey bag.  This will help you make sure you take all your gear to rink.

Helmet/Shield/Chin cup Shoulder Pads
Shin Pads Elbow Pads
Groin Protection Hockey Pants (aka breezers in MN)
Skates/skate socks Socks
Garter/Vecro shorts Jersey (white/dark)
Gloves Sticks (2)
Water Bottle Post Game drink (electrolyte replacement, e.g., Gatorade or Coconut Water).
First Aid Kit


Organizations we Recommend

Just My Speed, also known as JMS Hockey, is a Twin Cities based pick-up hockey league.  JMS is all about parity and ensuring that every skater has a quality experience playing with and against players of similar ability.  JMS also offers structured leagues for those that desire the experience of referees, face-offs and score-keeping.  This is a well run operation with a high level of integrity.  Lifetime Hockey strongly recommends and supports


The Adult Hockey Association was founded more than 15 years ago and is thriving in the Twin Cities.  It is one of the largest adult hockey leagues in the United States.  It stresses parity, team play and follows U.S.A. Hockey rules.  To distinguish itself from “bar” leagues, every team has NHL style uniforms, color coordinated hockey pants and helmets.  The league offers clinics, league play in the summer and a beginner school each fall.  The beginner league teaches individual and team skills and the players are formed into teams for a beginner level game schedule.  The following year, the beginner teams are placed in the lowest tier in AHA’s league which is Division 2.  Lifetime Hockey highly recommends AHA for players that want exclusively a team experience with games that feature two referees and 20 minute periods.