Equipment from Lifetime Hockey

Lifetime hockey has equipment to make your hockey life easier. Click here for information about our water bottles and portable hockey equipment drying trees.

Ice Hockey Rink Diagram

Download and print this diagram.  You can then draw plays and player positioning for your team.

Official Score sheet

If you are the scorekeeper for a game you can use this generic scoring sheet.

Score sheet

Equipment Checklist

Download this checklist, print it out and post it by your hockey bag.  This will help you make sure you take all your gear to rink.

Helmet/Shield/Chin cup Shoulder Pads
Shin Pads Elbow Pads
Groin Protection Hockey Pants (aka breezers in MN)
Skates/skate socks Socks
Garter/Vecro shorts Jersey (white/dark)
Gloves Sticks (2)
Water Bottle Post Game drink (electrolyte replacement, e.g., Gatorade or Coconut Water).
First Aid Kit


Coming soon – this page will also include:

  • Hockey Book suggestions
  • Links to organizations we think you will find helpful