Offensive Two Player Forecheck

forechk2 v2

Forechecking is a term used to denote individual player to player pressure by the defensive team in the offensive zone. The two player forecheck with one player back is a relatively easy system to learn and execute. It combines aggressive forechecking by two forwards while maintaining a defensive umbrella with the Ds and the remaining wing.

This system uses the center and one wing to pressure the offensive player who has the puck deep in the zone. One player engages the player along the boards while the other remains a few feet back to pick up the loose puck. The other wing remains in a conservative defensive role and plays close to the blue line. If the forechecker gains control of the puck the wing playing back can quickly re-engage into the offensive play. Teams should have a set play in mind if they gain control of the puck. (The play illustrated below shows the center and right wing forechecking. When they gain control of the puck they make a quick pass to the left wing who is charging the net.)

Keys to successful execution include strong skating by the forecheckers Players must be careful to avoid too much body contact along the boards in order to avoid checking penalties.

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