Dump in

dumpin v2

The Dump in (dump and chase)  is not an elegant hockey play.   In many adult hockey games there is a plenty of “dump” but not a lot of “chase.”   However it is an effective way to move the puck into the opposition’s zone.   It is still very useful if the opposing team is effective in the neutral zone and is making attacks across the blue line difficult.  The dump in is also used when a team wants to make a line change with little risk.  The downside of the dump in is the very strong possibility of the loss of puck possession by your team.

A key in the dump in is the speed of the shot into the corner.  If the player shooting the puck into the corner “feathers” it, the puck will sit in the corner slightly off the boards which should make is easy to be picked up by a teammate.  If the puck is hit too hard it will careen in an uncontrolled manner and may end up with the opposing defense.

Once the wing has the puck in the corner they can pass back into the slot for a shot by a teammate or they can pass behind the net to the wing in the opposite corner.

Another variation on the dump in is to skate along the boards in the neutral zone and shoot the puck along the boards so that it follows them around the back of the net.  A teammate can then pick up the puck in the opposite corner.

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