Defense – One player Forecheck

forechk1 v2

Forechecking is a term used to denote individual player to player pressure by the defensive team in the offensive zone. The one player forecheck is a conservative system in that it prevents easy open ice breakouts. It works well for teams that are outmatched in talent or who are protecting a lead late in the game.

The one player forecheck is maintained by the center who covers the center of the ice. The center forces the opposing team to break out up the boards. The wings and D pull back to the blue line and maintain a “fence.” They each have the responsibility to cover their zone of the ice. As the other team breaks out the D and wing on the puck carrier’s side of the ice converge and block the passing lanes. The other D and wing pull behind and into the center to defend against a rush into the zone. This same play can be used even more conservatively by pulling the fence back to the red line.  This type of forechecking system is frequently used to protect a lead.

Keys to this play include assuring that the defensive players move continuously at the blue line in order to match speed with the offensive players as they leave the zone. Sticks must be on the ice to catch the errant pass as the offense moves through the neutral zone.

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