About Us

We think hockey is the best athletic fun anyone can have. Hockey can keep you in shape, focus your mind and introduce you to a group of new people that will be friends for life. Adult hockey leagues are expanding rapidly throughout the country. And, as you can tell by our name, we think hockey is not just for kids but can be played for a lifetime. We are constantly discovering new adult players:

  • Hockey moms and dads
  • Figure skaters
  • Local rink recreational skaters
  • Adults who played as kids and want to play again
  • Inline skaters
  • Broomball players
  • Adults interested in fitness
  • College and NHL hockey fans
  • and the list goes on . . . . . .

This web site and our staff is focused on the adult player who plays pick-up hockey or in an organized league or both. Although we think this site is useful to all adult players, we think it will be invaluable to the new or intermediate player. It will also be helpful to parents who are trying to learn the game along with their children who play hockey.

We assume that the adult player can skate (even a little) and has learned their skating on the local ice rink, as a figure skater, or on the street with in-line skates. We also know many adult players are returning to the game after playing as children or teenagers. Much of the information here is intended to help these players be comfortable, competitive and secure enough in their contributions to their teams to have fun.

Most adult teams play once per week, in an indoor rink, and are “self coached”. They live busy lives and do not have the time or money to have many intervening practice sessions. However, its been our observation that most adult players who commit the energy to play hockey are successful individuals who like challenges and love to learn and improve. This site provides tools to study both the basics and some of the finer points of hockey.

A word about format.  We have designed this site to read more like a book than a traditional web site.   Therefore our pages are somewhat longer than normal but we have minimized unnecessary graphics so the pages load quickly.

The authors  (Mark and Dan) of this site play hockey have played in leagues and pick-up and over the years have looked for ways to continue to improve. We have learned a lot during our playing time that we think the adult player – particularly the beginner, will find useful.  Some of the questions we have struggled with over the years:

  • What’s the best way to stay in shape for hockey?
  • How much should I spend on equipment?
  • What do you do with the weaker players on your team?
  • How do you play defense when there is no checking?
  • Is it really just a kids game?
  • Is it true that better skates will help be skate better? (yes).
  • What can I do to improve most quickly?

We have answers to these questions and many more on this website.  Lifetime Hockey is an educational site that is supported by your purchase of books and attendance at our schools.  We are based in Minnesota and our coaches are from Canada and the United States.

We hope we can provide encouragement, support and practical advice for the enjoyment of the sport of hockey – especially  for those who did not have the opportunity to learn and play the game as children or are returning to play as adults.  Good skating and keep your head up and your stick on the ice!



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“Hockey is one of those games that individuals can play literally for a lifetime.”

Bob Utecht, Founder of Let’s Play Hockey