Hockey for a Lifetime

Hockey is more than a game for kids—it’s a lifetime recreational activity. Lifetime Hockey is devoted to the game hockey for adult men and women. Since 2000, more than 600 men and women have attended our hockey camps.

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Upcoming Schools

We are planning weekend camps for the fall of 2016.  We are looking at September and October to help you prepare for the hockey season.  Watch for details.


Hockey News and Useful links

A recently released study of helmets may give you pause.  Read about it here.



Lifetime Hockey is devoted to the education and support of the adult beginning and intermediate hockey player.  Our players are men and women ages 18 to 88.  For those who have never played hockey but would like to, you can!   For those of you who are playing today, we encourage you to keep playing hockey, whether it is in-line or on the ice–for your lifetime.  


“Hockey is one of those games that individuals can play literally for a lifetime.”

Bob Utecht, Founder of Let’s Play Hockey (1920-2007)

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